Saturday, 7 April 2012

~Precious Life~ A.K.A kisah hijrah

~Precious Life~

Recently a sister at a gathering walked in with no hijab or much knowledge saying, "You know for about 20 years i use to pray, i use to wear hijab, i use to give sadaqa, i use to do this and do that,..i think i've done enough. 20 years ! Now i deserve to have a good time" Allahu Akbar ! Compare that to Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal (rahimuAllah).

He was in his deathbed, being in a state of Sakaratul Maut(intoxication of death) when his son heard him say the following word 'not yet, not yet!' Upon hearing this, his son got worried, took it as a bad sign, that his father is worried/scared to meet Allah. At the time of a believer, Allah puts a certain tranquility and serenity touches their heart.

So, when he awoke his son asked his father, 'o father, what was that you were saying?' Imam Ahmad replied 'the shaaytan just came to me, and he tried to trick me saying "O Ahmad, you have surely escaped my hold, i couldn't trick you." and i said to him 'not yet, not yet! i have not escaped your trickery yet ( meaning the battle between me and you are not over yet ) and now you are trying to trick me saying i've escaped so that i let my guards down, but in fact the battle is not over until my soul reaches my gargling point''"

SubhanAllah! Ya Akwan, do not be fooled by the tricks that shaaytan has planned, to mesmerize you into praising this life for your Akhira (Hereafter). Every moment ever minute ever second will be at your benefit for eternal peace. No one knows when our time of death will approach us, so be prepared. Surely 'From Him we came, to Him is our Return' [al-Qur'an:2:156] 

precious life... bila kita diberi kesempatan u berubah.. .inilah ceritaku.. thanks ALLAH for giving me the golden opportunity to repent from my kejahilan. kisah hijrah seorang wanita y bergelar muslimah namun tdk sebenar2 mempraktikkannya.. ALLAH.. sayangnya tuanku pada hambany, DIA mengutuskan sahibi y byk menegur n mentarbiah ku ..sahibi ku y disayangi krn ALLAH, syukran jazilan krn dikau lah wasilah u ku mjd transformer n..ehhhheee. kalu dulu tudung  sekadar ambil  syarat, skrg bkn keparat.. kalau dulu jeans y sendat kini jubah sbg azimat..kalau dulu pergaulan bebas,kini ikhtilat lbh terbatas. ALLAH.. alangkah indahnya hidup bersyariat..andai bisa, ingin sj aku kongsikan kegembiraan n ketenangan ini pada seisi dunia..
 With every blink of an eye, I can't help but feel blessed. Alhamdulilah ♥~A Reminder to All those who are Swift to Point fingers: ”When you see someone who is not as religious, remember that you were once on the edge of the fire, and it was Allah Subhaana wa Ta’ala’s favor upon you to guide you. Arrogance will wipe away any goodness from the transformation." 

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